6 death-defying rescues you have to see to believe | Humankind

Watch these everyday people step up and save lives. 😱
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Life-threatening situations can happen at a moment’s notice but these everyday heroes stepped in to make a difference.

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Why Should You Choose Sleeve Boxes For Packaging?

Everyone needs some exciting element in their packaging to make their product look appealing enough to be purchased instantly. Whenever it comes to custom packaging, sleeve boxes will always be a perfect fit for all types of products. Whether food, bakery, apparel, watch, or jewelry, you can count on sleeve packaging to entice consumers.

Improving Insurance Website Security – Restricting Access & User Roles

WordPress is the most popular and pervasive website content management platform on the market, with market share estimated by some to be over 60%. Website owners (or those responsible to maintain their Insurance WordPress sites) can and should manage user access to tasks such as writing and editing, page creation. Category creation, comment moderation, plugin and theme management, user management, by assigning specific roles to all users.

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“The Initiate” by Ben Neil is a combination of time travel, history, and adventure. Tutankhamen’s story is retold and the boy pharaoh also experiences reincarnation. Readers will enjoy the story’s variety and learn something about ancient Egypt and mystery schools in the process.

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United Kingdom Vs India: The COVID-19 Vaccine Vexation!

What the UK government has done is very wrong, unexpected and absurd: that the Indian travelers, irrespective of vaccinated or not, will have to undergo at least two RT-PCR tests and have to be on 10-day quarantine after arriving there. Apart from the unnecessary inconvenience and exorbitant costs involved, particularly for the Indian students going there to study, this basically implies that the vaccines in India are fakes, and a fully vaccinated person in India becomes ‘unvaccinated’ once s/he arrives in UK. Why?