Adorable dog joins soccer match in progress | USA TODAY #Shorts

This dog couldn’t contain its excitement after running into a youth soccer match in Belgium.

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5 Sane Guidelines For A Safer Reopening

While the health ramifications, of this pandemic, have been horrific, and scary, there is no question, the impact on the economy, both, here in the United States, as well as in most of the rest of the world, are significant, and concerning! Although, President Donald Trump, on several occasions, has articulated a message, strongly suggesting, the need to reopen our economy, even declaring, the cure is worse than the illness, the one million people, inflicted with the disease, and the relatives, friends, and loved ones, of the, at least, 60,000 Americans, who have lost their lives, may disagree! As Governor Andrew…

How Will Things Look In The Near Future?: 6 Specifics

What will our new normal, look like, in the near future? Will there be significant differences, in terms of our day – to – day activities, and actions? As a result of the combination of our fears (actual, and perceived), as well as genuine public health issues/ concerns, what changes are we most likely, to see?

Sensations by Jonathan Jones

A history of British art placed in historical context is the vast canvas that Jonathan Jones attempts to cover in his Sensations. The book succeeds in addressing its rationale, but does not try to offer a comprehensive picture. Instead, it concentrates on particular artists and works, especially where the historical, scientific and social context offer insight.

A Long Way From Home by Peter Carey

A Long Way From Home is a book about characters’ identity and through them the identity of a nation, Australia. In a car race that is called a trial that might be a rally, a couple called Bobs seek stardom. If they can win, their business in car sales might prosper. Along the route, that circles a continent, they discover things about their own and the nation’s past that are still alive, with all their consequences, in the present.

COVID-19 Personal Finances Effects in Canada Could Be Harsh Despite Government Help

Effects of COVID-19 on Canadians’ personal finances could be severe. But now might be opportune to make tough decisions to reset crucial lifestyle choices that led to massive debt build-up since the Great Recession.