Authorities confirm Takeoff death, seek additional info from shooting | USA TODAY

Houston Police are seeking additional information regarding the fatal shooting of Migos rapper Takeoff.

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Authorities confirmed the death of rapper Takeoff – Kirshnik Khari Ball – in Houston Tuesday, hours after celebrities, musicians and members of the hip-hop community began mourning him.

Takeoff, 28, who was a member of the highly influential Atlanta rap trio Migos, died early Tuesday after being shot following a private party, said Troy Finner, chief of police at the Houston Police Department, at an afternoon press briefing.

Police said several individuals at the event – which took place at a bowling alley – fled the scene, and police are seeking additional information regarding the shooting. No arrests have been announced.

Finner said at least two people discharged firearms and that the two other people who were struck have injuries that are not life-threatening. They were taken to hospitals in private vehicles.

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