‘Blockbuster’ actor Randall Park really worked in a video rental store | ENTERTAIN THIS! #Shorts

Randall Park chats with USA TODAY’s Ralphie Aversa about his new Netflix series “Blockbuster” and some of his past roles.

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Actor Randall Park is a far cry from the underachieving video store manager he portrays in “Blockbuster.” Yet when “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Superstore” producer Vanessa Ramos began creating the Netflix series about the country’s last Blockbuster video store, Park, 48, became her writing model for analog dreamer Timmy.

It’s not just that the “Fresh Off the Boat” star can deliver a joke; resistance to Park’s self-deprecating charm is futile. “When you’re keeping a Blockbuster store alive in 2022, and you’ve been beaten down by life, you have to make an emotional connection,” says Ramos. “And you can’t not root for Randall Park”

As “Blockbuster” rolled out Thursday – ironically on video-conquering streaming giant Netflix – Park spoke to USA TODAY about the romance around VHS (and later, DVD) rentals and his too-real video store work experiences.

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