Blue Jays’ Nate Pearson on what he’s working on this offseason, his 2022 expectations and more – The Athletic

Despite a delayed spring training and uncertainty around if Opening Day will be postponed too because of the owner-imposed lockout, Blue Jays pitcher Nate Pearson is preparing for the season like he normally would.

“The main thing — I know there’s a lot of players that have this same mindset — just prepare that we are starting on time and do everything normal and if you’re overprepared, it’s a better thing than being underprepared. Just treat it like a normal offseason. And we’ll just see how everything plays out,” he said.

Recently, The Athletic caught up with the 25-year-old right-hander to chat about his involvement with Pitch AI, an innovative app that produces detailed biomechanical reports of a pitcher’s mechanics from a smartphone. But, Pearson also took some time to chat about his offseason, his training setup and expectations for the upcoming season.

I wanted to check in on you and your offseason. You ended the season strong. But then you had a procedure shortly after the season ended to treat the sports hernia that you had.

Yeah, just to get the sports hernia fixed. It’s not a major procedure at all, they just go in there and reinforce it and just clean it up a little bit. Just take some symptoms away. It’s good to get that done right after the season and feeling good now, throwing bullpens. I had my first live (BP) (on Feb. 11). And it went well. And so right now, it’s just getting ready for camp and sights on the 2022 season and just playing a role in whatever way I can.

In terms of the procedure, what was the recovery process like?

The recovery time wasn’t that long.