Cat’s first time meeting family’s newborn baby is heart-warming | USA TODAY

This young one got a special kind of warm welcome home when the family’s smoky British shorthair cat kissed her.

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What Can A Chiropractor Do for Shoulder Pain Relief

Approximately one month ago, a 34-year-old female patient named Deanna, asked me what I, a chiropractor, could do to bring about relief of her shoulder pain. Over the course of my 35 years in chiropractic practice I have been able to help many people gain shoulder pain relief. This article will discuss pain of the shoulder and how chiropractic care can give shoulder pain relief.

Asset and Liabilities

Knowing the difference between real assets and real liabilities and then setting your financial goals accordingly can be the difference between getting yourself financially sorted or the poorhouse. It underlines the value of financial literacy in helping achieve your goals.

The Last Faberge’s: Midnight In Moscow

The turbulence during the first World War coinciding with the rise of the Bolsheviks led to the intrigue surrounding the Last Tsar of Russia. The last Tsar who had amassed a treasure beyond imagination was still waiting to be found. A treasure that vanished just as the storming Bolsheviks seized power and brought down the House of Romanoff.

Alternative Approaches To Educational Leadership

Even recently, men sustain their dominance in the field of public education and women remain underrepresented in school administration despite their numbers in teaching and in school leadership preparation programs. Thus men define what it means to manage and lead schools and school systems. Their assumptions, beliefs, and values constitute that which has been held as natural and normative.

Suffering With You

I’m watching the series A.D.