Elk watch high school football practice in in Gardiner, Montana | USA TODAY

A high school football team got a few extra cheerleaders on the sidelines when a gang of elk showed up to practice.

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Changing The Direction Of Your Destiny

In our previous article; You Control Your Destiny, and the article before that; Seven Fences That Bind And Separate Us, we spoke about the limitations and negative qualities we need to overcome in order to simply be a better person, and have a better life. This article will continue in that theme with the next step of the process; what to become after, and while in the process, of removing the negative qualities.

Dilafroze Qazi – A Woman of Courage and Conviction

Dilafroze Qazi (born 1962) is the founder and Vice-Chairperson of Srinagar School of Management (SSM) College of Engineering & Technology & Management in Jammu and Kashmir, India. Despite hailing from a poorly literate family Dilafroze studied at a free government school and has a double Master’s Degree in Education and economics.

Marcella Mattar and Her Stories of the Moving Sea

The short stories of Marcella Mattar deals with the failure of human relationships and the consequent loneliness that have become common in urban society. This collection consists of seven fluent narratives which are linked by the metaphysical restlessness of its protagonists.

Fate or Free Will or a Combination of Both

According to the theories of reincarnation, karma, and personal fate, your soul selects a lifetime to experience conditions, circumstances, and specific key events prior to your birth in order to learn and understand. You have free will, within predetermined events in your life, to respond and make the most of your circumstances.

Tune-Up Your Presentation Skills

Presentation skills can be a stepping-stone for your career. Unfortunately, if you are afraid to use them, you could be held back from job or career opportunities. Learn four (4) basic rules to help you tune-up your presentation skills.