Five tips to save you big bucks this Amazon Prime Day | USA TODAY

Ralphie Aversa on how to find Amazon Prime Day deals with Reviewed Editor-in-Chief David Kender and Managing Editor of Partner Content Kate Ellsworth.

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Historically, Amazon Prime Day is a 48-hour shopping event. Although the deals will only be available for two days, the sitewide sale is one of the best opportunities to score must-have gadgets and home goods for well under retail value. To help make shopping the sale even easier, we’re saving you time by leading you directly to the best deals—be sure to bookmark this page to be the first to know about new markdowns.

Whatever it is you’re shopping for, there are tons of Amazon discounts you can scoop during Prime Day 2022—including several already-live deals you can shop today. The retailer is offering category-wide discounts including price cuts on smart tech, kitchen tools, home products, beauty essentials, fashion staples, fitness gadgets, parenting must-haves and more for Amazon Prime Day 2022. If you have a Fire TV, Kindle, Echo speaker or any other Amazon device on your wishlist, Prime Day will have plenty of deep discounts available.

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