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Flixbus crosses the U.S. border and starts Ottawa, Toronto connections –

FlixBus in Canada FlixBus, the fast-growing mobility tech company, will launch domestic services in Canada beginning on April 7, 2022. In addition to an express route between Ottawa-Toronto, FlixBus will debut in Canada with a Niagara Falls-Toronto line including a stop in St. Catharines, as well as a more comprehensive local line with stops including Waterloo (University of Waterloo), Kitchener (Downtown), Guelph, Mississauga and Toronto. The start of Ontario domestic service is just the first phase of a planned expansion, with cross-border routes to and from the U.S. planned for summer 2022. Tickets go on sale on March 24 and as a special offer for new Canadian customers, FlixBus will run special $4.99 fares from March 24-April 6.

With the Ontario intercity bus market being deregulated in 2021, the door was opened for new mobility providers to begin service and FlixBus brings its unique blend of tech startup, e-commerce platform and sustainable transportation to a market of eager Canadian travellers. FlixBus began service in the U.S. in 2018 and had long-term plans to expand into Canada, but these were delayed due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that restrictions are being lifted and the demand for travel is coming back, FlixBus is poised to bring new options for eco-friendly travel, value and convenience for Canadians.

FlixBus is making sustainable bus travel comfortable, affordable and easy-to-use for everyone,” said André Schwämmlein, Founder and CEO of FlixBus. “Our success in Europe and the ongoing growth in the U.S., Brazil, and now Canada, proves that with a smart business approach and a great product, FlixBus can globally change the way people travel and help them discover the benefits of shared, green intercity bus transportation.”

The digitalisation of the traditional bus market has been FlixBus’ recipe for success across Europe and in the U.S. With new buses, free Wi-Fi, power outlets at every seat, carbon-neutral ticketing options, tech solutions like the FlixBus App and more, FlixBus is setting a new standard for Canadian intercity travel and making buses not just an affordable option, but the preferred choice for all passengers looking to experience the world, no matter their budget.

Ontario is a dream bus market with some of North America’s most vibrant cities and we are immensely happy to begin building connections here,” said Pierre Gourdain, Managing Director of FlixBus North America. “We also hope, the service will offer Ontarians a financial reprieve in a context of rising gas prices with a green mobility alternative to help riders re-discover this wonderful province.

The FlixBus Canadian domestic network will feature new connections running Waterloo-Toronto, Niagara Falls-Toronto corridor, including stops in Kitchener (Downtown), Guelph, Mississauga and St. Catharines, as well as an express service on the Ottawa-Toronto route. Ottawa-Toronto will run Thursday-Monday with one trip in each direction per day, while Niagara Falls-Toronto and Waterloo-Toronto will run daily service in each direction, with service doubled on Thursdays-Mondays.

First local partner for FlixBus: Gallexy Tours

The FlixBus network is comprised of and driven by local bus partners, many of which are family-owned. Riding with FlixBus means customers are helping to support these local businesses and play a part in giving back to the community that these partners serve.

FlixBus’ new Canadian domestic network will be operated by Gallexy Tours, the company’s first local Canadian partner, who trusts in FlixBus’ technological expertise in pricing, marketing and sales, route intelligence, quality management and continuous product expansion. The buses will also apply the company’s international standard, which includes services such as free onboard Wi-Fi. Gallexy Tours has been serving the city of Toronto for the past 20 years primarily by providing charter services.

We could not be more proud or excited to partner with FlixBus on the launch of the Canadian market. FlixBus came to us with a vision for what the future of intercity bus travel will look like. Together, we have a unique opportunity to re-shape how passengers travel. Now after planning and preparing throughout COVID for this moment, we are ready for the main event which is to provide new transportation for travellers in Canada and eventually connect passengers between the U.S. and Canada,” said Dilan Jey with Gallexy Tours.

Tickets are now available on the FlixBus website or downloaded through the convenient FlixBus App.