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Win an RV trip experience for summer 2023 to reconnect with your loved ones

Toronto, Nov. 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Throughout the pandemic, Canadians were separated, losing touch with themselves, their loved ones and ultimately their wildhood. Go RVing Canada saw an opportunity to reconnect Canadians through the power of the RV lifestyle and with the help of RV dealers, Kehoe RV and Roulottes Rémillard, sent two Canadian influencers, storm chaser, Ricky Forbes and outdoor enthusiast, Eve Lussier-Roy on RV trips to reconnect with their loved ones. 

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“We couldn’t help but notice this trend of disconnection and dissatisfaction,” said Chris Mahony, President of Go RVing Canada. “Canadians are viewing travel as more important now than before the pandemic, both for their mental health and for a renewed sense of normalcy. The pandemic gave us a renewed appreciation for what we have so close to home and what better way to explore it than through the power of the RV lifestyle.”

Tailored specifically to your needs, the RV lifestyle is a chance to create new adventures, each and every time. This summer, Ricky Forbes set out on a four-day journey from his hometown in Saskatoon to Crescent Falls in Alberta with the mission of reconnecting with “Taco”, 11, who he met through the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Canada Program. An avid outdoors enthusiast himself, Ricky wanted to pass along the gift of embracing the great outdoors to Taco. The experience was captured in video to tell their story and inspire Canadians to reconnect through the Gift of Canada.

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“RVing as a child was an integral part of building my love of the outdoors and Canada”, says Ricky Forbes, notable storm chaser. “I wanted to share that gift with Taco and reconnect through a meaningful experience where he could begin to build his own love of the outdoors and see Canada through a new lens.” 

Similarly, Eve Lussier-Roy brought her mother on their first solo trip after being separated for the longest time in their lives. Eve is one of seven children and has never been afforded an experience like this with her mother. Driving through Quebec, the two had a chance to reconnect after lost time, exploring their home province in a new and exciting way. 

Now, Go RVing Canada wants to continue its mission of sharing the Gift of Canada by offering one lucky Canadian the chance to win the same experience as Ricky and Eve by entering the Gift of Canada contest. For more information on how to win the curated RV trip in 2023 to reconnect with loved ones, visit: www.GoRVing.ca/GiftofCanada.

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