Health Wagon delivers care to long-haul COVID patients | USA TODAY

In rural Central Appalachia, healthcare providers use a mobile clinic to deliver critical care to patients with COVID and long-haul COVID symptoms.


Challenges lie ahead in underserved pockets of the country as more people report lingering COVID-19 symptoms.

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Navigating the Journey of Life

One of the things that I was NOT looking forward to during my move to Calgary was driving in the big city. You see, Medicine Hat spoiled me by the fact that I could go pretty well anywhere in ten minutes without facing several lanes of speeding traffic. So, after a couple of days in my new condo I was invited for an evening at the home of my daughter in Okotoks.

Life’s Surprises

When I moved to Medicine Hat twenty-five years ago, I had no idea that I would love this city so much. Over the years, I have been able to build good relationships with wonderful people and build a business. My first two residential purchases ever were made here.

One Canada

I have learned that no matter where we go in the world, Canadians are welcomed. We have a good reputation of being kind, honest, and peace-loving. In fact, there is a silly joke about how Canadians are so nice that we apologize even when it isn’t our fault!

Human Trafficking

There are some things in life that we just don’t want to know or talk about but burying our heads in the sand doesn’t solve the issues. In fact, ignoring difficult situations just allows them to grow and our inaction actually cast us into the role of being an accessory. Today I am writing about a very difficult subject – missing children and human trafficking.

Financial Choices

Lately I have been noticing and studying the many changes in the world of finance. Let’s go back to the beginning of time. I imagine that long before money was used, humans figured out a way to exchange goods and services.