Helicopter loses control dangerously close to lighthouse, rough waves | USA TODAY

A chopper was transporting crates to the top of the lighthouse in Plogoff, France for maintenance work when it lost altitude and nearly crashed.

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How to Build an E-Commerce Website From Scratch in 8 Easy Steps

The unfortunate onset of the Covid-19 pandemic had resulted in lockdowns and travel restrictions that are being enforced worldwide to curb the spread of the disease. Owing to this, many people all over the world have become less mobile and doing their physical shopping to meet their needs has become an issue. Hence, shopping online has become popular worldwide over the prevailing pandemic period and is expected to increase even after the pandemic is over.

Princess Sisi – Tragic Austrian Empress

Princess Sisi was born a duchess into the royal Bavarian House of Wittelsbach in Munich, she became the most famous empress in Austrian history. She was fifteen years old when she went with her mother, princess Ludovika, and her older sister Helene to Bad Ischl where Franz Josef I was to propose to Helene. He chose Sisi instead and persuade his mother, Archduchess Sophie, to give them her blessing. She became Empress of Austria at the age of sixteen on 24 April 1854 and later, Queen of Hungary in 1867. Her beauty and her free spirit made her one of the most popular throughout Europe, often emulated as a fashion icon and for her perfect figure.

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