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The 10 most popular emojis

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Photo: Crossword-Solver

A new study finds that residents of the Great White North favour a funny emoji above all others.

Crossword-Solver analyzed 9 million geotagged tweets to reveal the most used emoji on Twitter in every country and then ranked them in popularity.

In Canada, the “face with tears of joy” emoji was the most widely used, followed by the simple red heart. The funny trend continued for the third highest-ranked emoji, which is also a face with tears of joy but turned on its side (rolling on the floor laughing).

Wordle has grown in popularity in countries across the globe, with the fourth and fifth most popular emojis being the green and yellow colour squares the web-based word game uses to show guesses. The Canadian flag follows in the sixth spot, with Wordle’s black square claiming seventh overall.

Canadians were either abundantly thankful or praying, as the “praying hands” emoji placed eighth. The flame emoji landed in the ninth position, with the “heart eyes” emoji rounding out the top ten.

Emojis around the world

The study found that the most popular emojis in the world are either laughing or loving faces with tears of joy; the red heart ?? is typically the second most used emoji worldwide.

The laughing face with tears of joy is the most common emoji in 75 countries.

Report authors caution that “emojis are not a universal language,” however. In China, for example, the clapping hands emoji suggests “making love,” while sending thumbs up to a Greek may be seen as offensive.

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Photo: Crossword-Solver