Homes swept away after massive landslide hit Italian island of Ischia | USA TODAY

Heavy rain caused massive landslides on the southern Italian island of Ischia. Many homes were swept away, leaving at least a dozen people missing.

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Heavy rainfall triggered landslides early Saturday on the southern Italian island of Ischia that left as many as 12 people missing as it cut a muddy swath through a port town, collapsing buildings and sweeping cars into the sea.

The force of the mud sliding down mountainsides was strong enough to send cars and buses into the sea at the port of Casamicciola, on the north end of the island. Streets were impassable and mayors on the island urged people to stay at home. At least 100 people were reported stranded.

There was confusion over the death toll. Italian Vice Premier Matteo Salvini initially said that eight people had been confirmed dead. The interior minister later said that no deaths had yet been confirmed, while 10-12 were missing.

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