HOUSTON – Houston area residents on Monday were finally able to enjoy a break from the cold that dominated the Christmas weekend.

Yet for others, the weather was simply a break from what they’d been used to.

“It’s been beautiful,” said Keith Empiringham who is visiting Sugar Land from Toronto.

A problem he says Toronto residents deal with “pretty well,” is one that many families in our backyard are dealing with right now, busted pipes.

For Zelena Brown, the weekend has been crazy and exhausting from all of the service calls to her family’s plumbing company.

When asked how many calls her company has seen in the last three days, Brown didn’t hesitate with a response.

“I don’t even know. I can’t count,” she said.

The one problem with this freeze that was unlike 2021 is that it took place over Christmas, which means everyone was home and spending time with their families.

KPRC 2 Investigates did contact multiple plumbers, however, all but two were out of the office on Monday.

Brown and her family weren’t surprised.

They said they know many of their fellow colleagues were talking off so they chose to put their vacation on ice and work the weekend freeze.

“We literally worked a 24-hour shift and took care of everybody we possibly could and then started over two hours later,” said Brown.

The damage being reported is different from February 2021, according to Brown.

“Last year, most of the pipes were interior and they were causing a lot of damage. The pipes this year are exterior so it makes the service calls quicker.”

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