How the Uvalde shooting emotionally impacted children of the community | USA TODAY

Doctor Roy Guerrero, Uvalde’s only pediatrician, talks about the emotional strain the shooting at Robb Elementary School has had on young children.

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Five months after the shooting, the law enforcement failures of that day have been well documented through the release of hours of video footage, a report by a Texas House investigative committee and testimony from the head of the Department of Public Safety. But inside a Texas Rangers investigation into the shooting and law enforcement inaction, authorities have turned to the potential cost of that delay and the question of whether a faster response could have saved lives.

Dr. Mark Escott, chief medical officer for the city of Austin, told the Austin-American Statesman, part of the USA TODAY Network, that he has begun a review sought by the Rangers to try to determine whether any victims had “potentially survivable wounds” — the results of which will be used by Uvalde County District Attorney Christina Mitchell Busbee to help weigh charging any responding officers.

Among the four, two students died at Uvalde Memorial Hospital; Dr. Roy Guerrero, a Uvalde pediatrician who arrived at the hospital after the shooting, said in a recent interview with the Statesman that those children had catastrophic injuries and that he does not think they could have survived, even with emergency care.

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