Iguanas freeze, fall from trees due to cold Florida weather | USA TODAY #Shorts

Social media was all too happy (or shocked) to comment on this trending weather topic.

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It happened. Florida weather was so cold over the weekend that frozen iguanas fell out of trees. And users on social media were only too happy (or shocked) to comment on the trending topic.

Tracey Douglas of Davie, Florida, about 24 miles north of Miami, encountered a frozen iguana Sunday after the season’s coldest temperatures were recorded. She posted the photo on Facebook, saying, “It is cold indeed in South Florida. I found this frozen iguana on my walk with my dog this morning. Y’all stay warm and bundled up.”

When it feels like it’s freezing in the Sunshine State, the term “frozen iguanas” comes up. That’s when the invasive species fall from trees or end up on sidewalks stunned from the cold. It happens when temperatures dip into the 30s and 40s. But not to worry, the paralysis is temporary.

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