Is a recession inevitable? | States of America

Inflation reached a high of 9.1 percent earlier this year, the highest rate in more than four decades. In response, the Fed has raised interest rates five times. The question millions of Americans are asking is: When will the pain end? Economist and Professor Nada Eissa from Georgetown University breaks down why she thinks a recession is likely unavoidable.

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Turn Some Muscles On, Turn Some Muscles Off

This article will discuss protective mechanisms the body takes when our neck or low back are injured. It will also discuss a recent research article detailing a scientific study which further discusses this topic.

Body And Life, Dismantling And Disruption By Corona Virus!

Human body ravaged weakened, devoured in many thousands day in day out.Invisible threat causes fear for the entire popuation in all countries o the world. Pandemic and spreading every where forced us into isolation, disruption of normal human activities, nullifying all gatherings relating to sports, entertainments, theaters, arts, restaurants, grills, super markets as well as all kinds of transportation, cruises, air travel, bus travel, even harvesting food the oceans.

Christian You Are Perfect Forever

In the mind of God, Christ Jesus obtained an eternal salvation. And in the process, He made every believer perfect in His sight.

Forbearance: Is It A Good Idea?

A Forbearance Agreement is when you are able to defer or miss some mortgage payments without a foreclosure action because of the CARES act. If we focus on real estate loans, a forbearance agreement would prevent a loan servicer from starting a foreclosure on the property during the term of the agreement.

Alarms – A Great Way to Protect Your Home or Business From Intruders

Stores will soon be re-opening and people will be flocking back just to be able to shop in person again. However, as the shops get more crowded there is a good chance for shop lifters to go back to their own type of work. How good are you in spotting someone robbing your store? Are you an experienced store owner or just a beginner? Regardless of your experience, shop keepers always need to have eyes in the back of their heads to keep track of their stock on the shelves.