Kindergarten teacher gets some tips on how to be a good parent | USA TODAY

A kindergarten teacher planning to go on maternity leave makes sure she asks her students, first, how she can be a good parent.

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It’s Time to Re-Build: Restructured God’s Way

It’s Time to Re-Build: Restructured God’s Way – Apostle John W Rhodes Motto Text: Luke 4:1-4 I. 1st Test: Your Belly, Authority, Power A. If you are the Son of God command the stone to become bread. But Jesus answered saying, it is written man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God. 1. So while Jesus was hungry, during the time of fasting, the enemy tempted him with a “counterfeit satisfaction”. We too will be hungry at times for more things of God, of life and will be our tempted to make things appear, by what we speak, instead of waiting on God.

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