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Letters to the Editor, Feb. 25, 2022 – Toronto Sun

Friday letters
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This is an invasion of a sovereign, democratic country, by Russia, whose president cares little of the consequences for his actions. My parents come from the Baltic region, and have shared with me, their son, the many bad memories of what life was like during their countries’ occupation by Russia. We also have family there, and are very concerned for their safety. It makes me very sad to see this happening, and I feel helpless, not knowing what we, as citizens of civilized democratic nations, can do to resolve this act of aggression. Will there be protests in Canada at the Russian embassy and consulates because of Putin’s actions? Sadly, I hope to be proven wrong, but the majority of the population will not be concerned about this, and would only react if Russian tanks were to roll down the streets that they live. I stand with Ukraine!


Alexander Kalonka


(Nothing stops a madman)


Are we witnessing history in the making of a new Canadian family tradition? When a Trudeau is running the country, at some point during his or her term, they must invoke the War Measures or Emergencies Act during peaceful times. Kind of like a sporting event. Bets could be wagered on how many days would pass before it was repealed. There would have to be some rules in place that set minimum standards for what qualified as an emergency, of course. I’m sure Canadians would be only too eager to participate in this new family game.

Les Kraft

Richmond Hill

(Satisfying their delusions of grandeur)


The Toronto Sun column on Feb. 22 entitled “Prime culprit” sure was a relief in being aware that all Liberals do not follow the leader blindly. It is such a shame that there are not more like Stephen LeDrew who are not fearful of expressing their views.


A. Alkerton


(Maybe some have some smarts)


I’m far from being Warren Kinsella’s biggest fan but truly enjoy reading his columns because of his knowledge of Canadian politics. In his Feb. 6 column “Tories should stay out of the ditch,” I found more than a few things to disagree with. First, he says majority rules — and we know that isn’t true as the Conservatives had the majority of the votes. Secondly, he says the majority of this country does not like ideology at the expense of common sense. This does not apply, in my view, as the GTA has the most seats and most of those voters prefer ideology over common sense. And that also applies when he says that voters will always vote for common good over dominance by the rich and powerful. In recap, in my view, ideology and the rich and powerful have crushed the greater good and common sense because of the way people vote in the seat-rich GTA.

Paul Reidt

St. Agatha, Ont.

(Kinsella knows of what he speaks … and writes)

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