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Tuesday letters.
Tuesday letters. Photo by Illustration /Toronto Sun

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Re “MPP shown door for vax ‘choice’ (Antonella Artuso, Aug. 20): When I read that Ontario PC MPP Rick Nicholls was evicted for his “choice” of refusing to be “vaccinated” against COVID-19, I was livid! Since when did Canada become a communist country? This is insanity! I didn’t expect this from our Progressive Conservative Party. This was something I thought only the Liberals would be capable of. When our so-called leader Justin Trudeau admitted that he admired China’s basic dictatorship, I guess it was a sign of things to come. Looks as though this is all coming into fruition. It seems that our “choice” not to be injected with this shot will lead to our jobs being terminated. This truly is a sad day for Canada. I vehemently agree with Rick Nicholls when he said “Under no circumstances will I nor should any Ontarian be forced or coerced to do something against their will. To do so is an affront to the democratic principles of this magnificent institution.”

Robert Onyskiw


(But politically speaking it’s pretty difficult to sit in a caucus where the government is ordering others to have mandatory vaccines)

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Re “MPP shown door for vax ‘choice’ (Antonella Artuso, Aug. 20): I am very disappointed in the provincial member’s feelings regarding his refusal to get the vaccine. We often hear of incompetence and very poor decision-making made by governments and their members, but here is direct proof of a borderline asinine personal conclusion. He may be proud of his ”rights“ but to me, this decision just speaks of another politician in which business is ‘all about him’ just as it is with our prime minister. Poor call, Rick Nicholls.

Arnold Mooney

(Choices have consequences and this one got him kicked out of the PC caucus)


Come on Canada, be Canadian, ‘eh,’ and cut Trudeau some slack for moving so turtletorious (if that is even a word) in regard to air lifting Afghan interpreters and their families and all others that supported Canadian troops out of that country. Or, in general, anyone wanting out. Do not be too harsh on Trudeau, as he is likely ‘experiencing all this differently.’ Much differently than the people of Afghanistan. After all, there are no shootings or desperate/angry gatherings of people outside Rideau Cottage. It is all quiet. So yes, Trudeau truly is experiencing the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan much different than the actual reality happening in that country. And if 1,000 planeloads were to land tomorrow, the people on those planes would not be eligible to vote in the coming election. So, sadly, they are not on Trudeau’s ‘high priority list.’

Rolly Klaepatz

Fairview, Alta.

(Trudeau and his Liberals were too busy preparing for an election)


Jeopardy is looking for a new host? I nominate Sun columnist Brian Lilley. However, be warned. The contestant on the left side of the row would never have a chance — Lilley would unplug his/her buzzer. Insert smart ass comment here …

Gregg Peacock

(You took care of that already)

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