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Letters to the Editor, July 11, 2022 – Toronto Sun

Monday letters
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The recent Supreme Court decision to strike down consecutive sentences shows this court is out of touch with reality by determining that murdering one person is the equivalent to massacring 20 when it comes to sentencing. On too many occasions, courts have decided what’s inhumane punishment for perpetrators of violent crime and given little consideration to the victims and their families. I have always been in favour of electing judges — some people feel that it would bring politics into the judicial system. Hello, there is nothing more political than getting appointed for life. This court has too much to say about the running of this country and its laws. If we were smart, we would bar lawyers from running for political office. Edward I of England did not want lawyers in Parliament as he said they were too self-serving. We have not learned much in centuries since then.

Thomas Geddes

Port Dover, Ont.

(This decision made barely a ripple in Canada, which directly impacts Canadians. Yet when SCOTUS issued a ruling down south which doesn’t impact us, we go crazy)


Now that PM Boris Johnson has resigned to save what’s left of his dignity, it would be the time for the federal Liberal caucus — and even the PM light — to convince Trudeau to do the same thing. He has become the laughing stock of the free world by his overseas antics, i.e. his trip to India.

Scott McMaster


(We agree. But the Liberal caucus are all lemmings)


Re “Passenger returning to seat sparks debate on flight etiquette” (Denette Wilford, June 21): I personally think that the woman should not have done want she did. Many may argue that it was easy for the passengers around her. But it was wrong because one of the passengers she went over was holding a baby — if she fell, she would have fallen on the baby, and it could have caused big problems. If the airline had done nothing about it and just let it go, then it would have caused many people to not want to use that airline. If she had hit one of the passengers in the face, that, too, would have caused many problems. The only positive impact this could have done is that the other passengers don’t have to get up to let her in. There seems to be more negative impacts than positive in the woman climbing over the passengers. Many people would even argue that it is very gross. One person even said, “She goes to the lav in socks, picks up some urine and fecal bits on them, sprinkle some more gross things from the galley and aisle, then put those disgusting things on my armrest?” Another commented. “No thanks!” It is both gross and rude.

Joanna Sainu


(We fall on the gross side of the debate)


A NATO climate centre in Montreal is really what NATO needs. The 2% defence spending by Canada can wait. This is another example of the Trudeau government shooting blanks. What a shame.

Robert Solignac


(There isn’t one area where they are succeeding)

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