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Letters to the Editor, May 13, 2022 – Toronto Sun

Friday letters
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So the NDP is proposing a 40% decrease in car insurance. Good luck. The insurance business is big bucks and won’t allow it. A few facts:

– Insurance companies are extremely profitable.

– Insurance companies whine and complain about insurance fraud to protect their profits and justify their constant rate increases.

– Insurance companies have scared policy holders to the point where drivers involved in accidents pay out of their own pockets rather than “risk” a claim.

Ontario drivers are forced to pay extreme insurance rates while being afraid to use the coverage for fear of higher rates or worse cancellation. I believe the way car insurance is set up in Ontario guarantees profits for the insurer. We’ve got to have it but submit a claim at your own peril.

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Jim Miller


(It sounds nice to say they will do this, they won’t and can’t)


When the political party opposition leaders make a totally unnecessary issue out of a young person’s error in judgement from 2006, they may wish to reassess what the voters of Ontario find important to their future. The honourable education minister Stephen Lecce admitted that what his fraternity did in 2006 at Western University to raise money for charities in need may have been misguided in their efforts to do well for people less fortunate. The idea was only developed to provide able-bodied labour for a financial contribution on behalf of disadvantaged persons with no discrimination against race, colour or religious convictions or faith. The only criteria to benefit from the efforts of community minded students was an identified need for assistance. The leaders of the NDP and Liberal parties sounded totally ridiculous in their posturing comments regarding an event from 2006 that was already acknowledged as a misstep and publicly apologized for by minister Lecce. More important things to address in this election, folks. When I coached minor hockey, I tried to stress that parents cheer for their own team and not criticize the opposing players as it was only a game. Maybe these politicians can show the positives of their parties plans rather than try to disparage their opponents and they might show a lot more class as it is only a game.

Dan O’Brien


(Stick to the issues- there’s a novel concept)


One is amazed at the amount of time being spent on North American television on the abortion issue. If we profess to be a Democracy, then let the people make the legal decision on such an important issue in a national referendum. Not the politicians!

Doug Thom


(The anger on both sides of the debate is palpable)

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