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Re “Drafted into culture war” (Brian Lilley, April 24): As a full-on Oast supporter and promoter, I was very disappointed that they’ve weighed into politics. As a Conservative-leaning customer, I’m offended that they felt they had to send out a statement based merely on Pierre Poilievre mentioning that he liked their brand. Oast may have to move their brewery to Toronto where more like-minded woke Ontarians live. I’m sure they had their PR reasons, but as a long-time customer, it’s the first time Oast has left a bad taste in my mouth.

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John Pieterse                                                                                                                                            Welland

(They caved to pressure from a few angry people on social media — it’s pathetic)


Re “Don’t ignore left-wing protest violence” (Editorial, May 3): How can you possibly say that leftists are anti-capitalists? How can you say that anarchists are leftists? Really? I’ve been a part of the left all my life, and I’m as pro-capitalist as they come. So is every other leftist that I know. And I can also say that anarchists are my enemy and the enemy of both Conservatives and Liberals. I despise communism and, again, so do all my friends on the left. So, stop making assumptions. Most on the left are not extremist. We aren’t far left. I am a dual U.S./Canadian citizen and am anti-progressive in U.S. politics. But I can never be a Conservative. Since the 1968 Republican National Convention, I have completely disagreed with the Republican Party platform. And why do all your opinion columnists lean right? Do you not know any left-leaning columnists, or do you simply want to pretend they don’t exist?

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Mark Edson                                                                                                                                               North York

(We welcome opinion pieces from all political stripes. Certainly, not all on the left are extreme in their views, the same goes for the right)

Who’s the boss?

Did Warren Kinsella ever work for former prime minister Jean Chretien? He might have mentioned it in one of his columns, but just wanted to confirm.

Knowlton Jackson                                                                                                                                    Lindsay, Ont.

(He did as a special assistant)


Re “Where’s summer” (Jane Stevenson, May 1): Great article that gives us hope for a warm summer at the end of the cold tunnel. I was born in Canada, but I always tell the newcomers, that is people I meet who have accents, the truth about this country. That Canada does have four seasons: They are June, July, August and winter. That is why my mother always told me to keep my long johns on until the 24th of May. Most of our meteorologists are told to accentuate the positive when forecasting the local weather reports so you won’t hear this from them. What really puzzles me, though, is why the Canadian government would want to stop Canada from becoming a warmer country? Canadian farmers would benefit by gaining another growing season. Homeowners would pay less for heating costs. A warmer Canada could even prevent the next ice age. This is wishing every Canadian a very nice June, July and August.

George Rooney                                                                                                                                            Ancaster

(Bring on the sun!)

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