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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 1 – Toronto Sun

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Monday letters
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We should not be shocked by this edition of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Flashback to when the pandemic stopped the 2019-20 season, the Leafs were in a fight to make the playoffs. When play resumed, the Leafs were in the play-in round, losing to the Columbus Blue Jackets. Last year, the Leafs were by far the best team in a very weak Canadian division and should have easily advanced to the third round of the playoffs. Well, we know the Leafs lost in the first round — again to Montreal. Credit the Canadiens for their magical run to the finals, upsetting Toronto and Vegas, but let’s be honest, that run was probably a fluke. Now we are back to playing an 82-game regular season. Since we last played 82 games, so many teams in the Eastern Conference have improved, and the Leafs aren’t one of them. Toronto fans won’t have to worry about a first-round playoff loss this season because this year’s team won’t make the playoffs.

Terry Carpenter


(That assessment tracks with this team)


Our government will look very inspiring to the rest of the world at the climate summit, with our new minister of climate being a former Greenpeace activist. Brings back memories of our female astronaut Governor General. I can imagine how we will look to the world with Melanie Joly as our foreign affairs minister. She couldn’t even run an ice rink! Looks like we hardworking Canadians are in for a rough ride.

Mary Monteath

Hillsburgh, Ont.

(A rough and expensive ride)


With news that the Pope is coming to Canada, I was wondering if our prime minister would pull out his magic trunk of costumes and find a Catholic cardinal outfit to greet him at the airport. Also, for about the last six years, our PM has promised fresh drinking water for the Indigenous communities but has not succeeded, but when a natural disaster happens in the world, he can provide millions of litres of fresh drinking water within 24 hours.

Dave Downey

Delhi, Ont.

(We are confident Trudeau will find some way or another to embarrass us)


The budget for the cabinet should be fixed. If a government wants to spread the workload over more people, each minister should get less since they are doing less work. Expanding the cabinet provides raises to more Liberals — something that is unfair to Canadian taxpayers. And it won’t end there. It will mean more staff, more office supplies, more travel expenses, etc., etc.

Steen Petersen

Nanaimo, B.C.

(But that is very much in keeping with the Liberals — just spend more and get less for the public)


Re “Doesn’t fly anymore” (Brian Lilley, Oct. 29): Not to undermine the horrors of what transpired in the residential schools, but I don’t think lowering the Canadian flag was an appropriate response. Personal opinion aside, I would hope government officials and Indigenous leaders agree it’s time to restore our flag to its rightful elevation. On Nov. 11, we pay our respects to those who fought for our freedoms. Those efforts, and our pride, deserve our full attention.

Dennis Forbes

(It’s time to raise the flags. Even the Indigenous communities believe that)


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