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Letters to the Editor, Nov. 30, 2022 – Toronto Sun

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As the Canadian national soccer teams head to their respective FIFA World Cups, Derek Van Diest is on the scene to cover all the action. Expect expert insights and analysis in your inbox daily throughout the tournaments, and weekly on Thursdays for the rest of the season.

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Thank you to The Toronto Sun and Joe Warmington for the generous coverage of the case of the poor horse roped and bleeding near Port Hope (“The Mane Suspect,” Nov. 29). Bringing this to light is in keeping with Peter Worthington’s noble legacy and the Sun’s admirable tradition since it’s very beginning of promoting animal welfare.

Tim Trow

Past President, Toronto Humane Society

(We are not going to stop reporting on this until we find out just what happened to this beautiful animal. Perhaps in your former capacity at the Humane Society, you can get some answers)


Re “PM says he had no alternative to the Emergencies Act” (Postmedia Network, Nov. 26): In the interest of truth in journalism, it is disingenuous to have multiple articles state that invoking the Emergencies Act is “the first time in the nation’s history.” Since the act has only been in place since 1988 that hardly encompasses the nation’s history. A name change in 1988 does not negate the history that existed since 1914 with the War Measures Act. That Act was invoked in the First World War, Second World War, and in 1970 during the Quebec October Crisis. A turn of phrase or playing semantics is manipulative and unnecessary. Report the story honestly and truthfully, there is enough to write about without playing games with the Canadian people. Do better.

Khrys Timmerman

(Those are the facts based on the current situation, it is the first time this Act had been used)


Re “Tanks, but no tanks” (Warren Kinsella, Nov. 27): I usually agree with Kinsella and have absolutely no use for Justin Trudeau, nor most of his ministers. The behaviour of David Lametti and Marco Mendicino is childish, no doubt, but hardly a firing offence. Kinsella lies by omission to Toronto Sun readers when he reports only two out of three emails between the two ministers. Again, while I agree that the “only joking” defence is often the last refuge of some idiots, that defence’s legitimacy should be crystal clear here, and would have been if Kinsella had reported Lametti’s response to the “how many tanks?” question when he replied, “Just one, I think.” Unfortunately, Kinsella, that response removes any doubt that these two clowns were doing what clowns do, clowning around, when they should have been having an adult exchange of ideas.

Jim Dandy

Niagara Falls, Ont.

(They should still be fired. But Trudeau’s bench for cabinet ministers is very thin)


I think no country should be playing in the World Cup if it brings a political agenda forward. You have no right to push your ideas on the world stage. You are there to play sports — period. You and other sport agencies have destroyed sport for your own personal views. If you get airtime, then by all means, come to my place and give me the same courtesy. Until then, keep your views to yourself and play soccer!

Rick Dwornikiewicz

Delhi, Ont.

(But sometimes it’s an inevitable, politics creep into sports)