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What a disgrace. Trudeau now apologizes for taking a vacation in B.C, while lying about where he was. Now if that doesn’t show that he knew exactly what he was doing, I don’t know what does. Two major things wrong with this, the obvious first one being that he declared this holiday to recognize what horrible conditions existed at these residential schools and he couldn’t even bother to accept an invitation to attend the ceremony in B.C., but instead went to Tofino. Wow! We need to remember that his dad was prime minister for 16 years while these so-called schools were in operation. I guess we should rename the airport in Quebec that is in his name, and if there are any statues in his honour, tear them down too. Let Justin try apologizing for that. He is good at apologizing for other people’s mistakes but not his and his family’s. The second important issue is Justin keeps putting climate change at the top of his list of items to deal with and then jet sets off to somewhere spewing out more carbon in one trip than most people do in a year. He wants us all to eventually be solely on electric, does that mean no more plane rides for him, and his security will no longer be driving gas-guzzling, full-size SUV’s? We need to be like the United States — two terms and you’re gone. He is ruining this great country. He should resign immediately.

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Thomas Robertson

Niagara Falls , Ont.

(Sadly, we are not surprised by this)


Pope Francis says he is sorry for the sexual abuse of children in France. No doubt in my mind that most were ‘white’ children. He said, and I quote, “This is the moment of shame.” What about all the Indigenous children that were taken from their homes? Beaten, raped, sodomized, had drugs tested on them, starved, and were thrown away like garbage. He refuses to apologize. These children were sexually abused by priests. I am a Curve Lake First Nation member and have listened to many stories from elders. How many schools do you know of with graveyards? Shame on him. He disgusts me and it breaks my heart.

Glenna Hogarth-Bloomfield

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Lakefield, Ont.

(No words)


A common yet questionable refrain prevails among capitalist nation governments and corporate circles: Best business practices, including what’s best for consumers, are best decided by business decision-makers. This was most recently proven false with Facebook prioritizing the expansion of its already huge profit margin over the health of its younger users. It was proven false when long-term care-homes put profit maximization before their residents’ well-being, neglect that resulted in needlessly numerous COVID-19 deaths. And proven most false when the pharmaceutical industry knowingly pushed its new, very addictive opiate painkiller. Western business mentality and, by extension, collective society allow the well-being of human beings to be decided by corporate profit-margin measures. And our governments mostly dare not intervene, perhaps because they fear being labelled anti-business by our avidly capitalist culture. Sadly, maximizing profits by risking the health or lives of product consumers will likely always be a significant part of the big business beast’s nature. But that does not mean that we should give in to it. Rather, it should be a call to society, and especially our elected leaders, that the economy and jobs be there foremost for people, not for corporate profit’s sake.

Frank Sterle Jr.

White Rock, B.C.

(We need to protect the children)

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