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A statement in the Sun’s Sept. 7 editorial (“Lessons in courage for back-to-school”) strikes a chord: “We must show our young people how to face the world head-on with courage.” Teaching young people lessons in courage in the midst of a pandemic opens up a broad range of topics for discussion. Searching for a responsible leader to emulate is a difficult task. Consider National Basketball Association (NBA) commissioner Adam Silver. When most schools and establishments remained open at the start of the pandemic, Silver took the surprising first step to suspend the professional basketball league for the season — potentially saving many athletes and fans from becoming infected with COVID-19 or succumbing to this dreadful virus. Instead of sitting on the sidelines and waiting for someone else to make the first move, Silver put his job on the line and was prepared to accept the consequences. Sports and business leaders would soon follow his lead. His message was one of hope and inspiration. Young people must be taught to recognize the characteristics of responsible leaders so they can be inspired to become like them.

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Robert Ariano


(We couldn’t agree more)


I think O’Toole will be elected — probably in a squeak. Trudeau has proved to be empty, all talk no action, making promises he knows he can’t keep or has no intention of keeping. While O’Toole is not a charismatic or captivating personality — nor an inspiring speaker or a ball of energy — he is an intelligent, steady, down-to-earth family man of faith. While I don’t know him and I never met him, I have the powerful impression that he is of sound judgment, is kind and generous in spirit, accepting and non-judgmental of those with differing views or faiths. He knows his business, was an Air Force helicopter pilot and subsequently became a practicing lawyer with two of the largest firms in this country. He is a man that can be trusted to do what he says he’ll do, and his policies are sound — based on a realistic assessment of this country’s actual circumstances. God in heaven, this country needs a large dose of that medicine.

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Douglas Rowlands


(Canada needs a serious leader as we continue to recover from the pandemic)


There’s a new class arising in Canada. ‘The unvaccinated.’ This is a group the various government levels are encouraging to be publicly shamed and vilified. They are being restricted from activities and even being threatened with losing their jobs for being in ‘that class.’ And the rhetoric is being amplified daily by news media as the blame game grows. But as governments shift more blame to ‘the unvaccinated’ for everything and public resentment grows, what’s next? Friendly reminder: It was the government that stole your freedoms, destroyed your businesses, and ruined your children’s future — not ‘the unvaccinated.’

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Tony Borbely


(Shaming them and calling them names, gets us nowhere. In fact it probably emboldens them even further not get vaccinated)


It’s ‘tru’ that the pompous, unethical, lying prone, egotistical pair of leaders Trudeau and Trump have so much in common. After the election results are in and the Conservative Party of Canada obtains a majority government, it will be interesting to see whether Trudeau, like Trump, will declare that the election results were fraudulent and contest them.

D. Reinsborough


(Don’t write off Trudeau just yet. The last week of this campaign the Liberals will get dirty and try to scare Canadians away from the Conservative Party)

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