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The media has been pushing the notion of “aggressive” anti-Trudeau protesters. They are being described as “an angry, obscenity-spewing crowd.” So, the problem is that they are not happy, and they are saying things that are rude. Erin O’Toole affirms that this is unacceptable and not welcomed. Let’s put the double standard of what is considered an acceptable form of protest between the left and the right into focus. What does seem to be acceptable and even welcomed (and certainly not made to stop) is a year and a half of burning and looting of small businesses and churches, threatening and intimidating diners into kneeling and apologizing for their collective guilt, spray-painting and ripping down public statues of historic founders, people in masks throwing concrete “milkshakes” at police officers and beating up journalists (Andy Ngo), and setting up a camp of citizen-bullying, police-abusing tent dwellers in front of City Hall. The left routinely shuts down public speaking events by blaring fog horns and pulling fire alarms, if not all-out rioting; just ask Jordan Peterson and Janice Fiamengo. Let the left run rampant over our rights, property and physical safety. Let the right refrain from frowning and uttering swear words.

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Joe Conway


(On all sides of the political spectrum, things have gone too far. Sure, yell, chant, even call names if you must — but when it gets physical and violent, it should not be tolerated)


I find it inconceivable that politicians and bureaucrats are offering money and chances in a lottery for people to get vaccinated. What about rewarding all of us who made the decision to get it months ago. We did it, not only to protect ourselves, but to protect our families, friends and associates. Not one of us wanted to be responsible for the death of a loved one because we refused to get vaccinated. Our governments made many mistakes in preparing and educating the public on the importance and need to protect against the COVID virus. They continue to do so, even with the mounting evidence and the high death count, especially among the unvaccinated. My wife and I have suffered a lot during the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders imposed by government. Our mental health has deteriorated and caused untold damage to our psyche.

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Sidney Chelsky


(For those who did get vaccinated, we suppose the government views your “reward” as having  the ability to enjoy more freedoms than those that don’t)


I have to laugh at these people complaining about the noise of aircraft during the Toronto air show. If the enemy was knocking on the gates, these would be the same people screaming for help. God bless the Canadian Armed Forces and those of our allies. Long live the Canadian International Air Show!

Ian MacKenzie


(Hear, hear)


I fear that with a week left and Trudeau’s Liberals on a sinking ship of popularity, he will prorogue the election claiming “it’s for the safety of the Canadian public due to the increase in the COVID numbers.”

Michael Menard


(He cannot stop the freight train he put in motion)

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