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Given his own past, one person who should not have been condemning Mailloux or the Canadiens was Trudeau

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Brian Lilley

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Jul 29, 2021  •  45 minutes ago  •  3 minute read  •  14 Comments

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrives to a news conference after visiting a COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Ottawa July 2, 2021.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrives to a news conference after visiting a COVID-19 vaccination clinic in Ottawa July 2, 2021. Photo by Blair Gable /REUTERS

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I don’t know what is more audacious, that Justin Trudeau felt he could condemn hockey player Logan Mailloux and his being drafted by the Montreal Canadiens or that much of the media wrote about this without mentioning Trudeau’s own past.

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Mailloux was drafted by the Canadiens in the first round, despite asking every team to give him a pass this year over his actions while in Europe.

While playing for a Swedish team during Ontario’s COVID lockdown, Mailloux engaged in a consensual relationship with a young woman.

He also took an intimate photo of he and the woman and shared it with his teammates, something against the law here in Canada but only served with a fine in Sweden.

Mailloux issued a statement before the draft saying that he has shown he isn’t deserving of being drafted into the NHL and that he regrets his error.

The decision of the Canadiens has rightly caused controversy, started a national conversation and seen the team denounced.

Given his own past, one person who should not have been condemning Mailloux or the Canadiens was Trudeau, yet when asked, he couldn’t resist.

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“As a lifelong Habs fan, I am deeply disappointed by the decision,” Trudeau said Tuesday.

“I think it was a lack of judgment by the Canadiens organization. I think they have a lot of explaining to do to Montrealers and fans right across the country.”

That statement from our prime minister is stunning in its lack of self-awareness.

This isn’t a defence of Mailloux, his actions or the decision by the Canadiens to draft him but our PM has a history with women that should make his think twice before condemnations like this.

This is the same Trudeau who said in a CBC interview in January 2018 that there were no incidents from his past that he should be worried about and that everyone should be held accountable for their past actions.

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“There is no context in which someone doesn’t have responsibility for things they’ve done in the past,” Trudeau said at the time.

Of course, when the story broke that he had groped a woman in the early 2000s and then said that he wouldn’t have been so forward if he had known she was working for a national media outlet, Trudeau brushed it off.

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“There’s a lot of uncertainties around this. In terms of my recollection there was no untoward or inappropriate action but she was in a professional context. Who knows where her mind was and I fully respect her ability to experience something differently,” Trudeau told television station CP24 just six months after the CBC interview.

He basically said, he doesn’t remember doing anything wrong, she experienced differently, now let’s move on.

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Trudeau faced criticism from conservative commentators like myself but not other government officials, feminist groups were silent and most of the media just moved on with his explanation.

Voters then gave Trudeau the second chance he doesn’t think Mailloux deserves.

After Trudeau raised this issue on Tuesday, I expected his Kokanee grope to figure prominently in coverage of his comments given the sharp juxtaposition of his words and his actions.

It didn’t happen though, I haven’t found a single media mention of it despite reading multiple write ups from multiple outlets.

Conservative MP Candice Bergen, who has grilled Trudeau in the House of Commons over his groping called the media silence unbelievable and she’s right.

“Both women and men in the media continue to provide cover for Trudeau on his treatment of women by refusing to ask him about how he’s groped women,” Bergen tweeted Wednesday night.

By giving Trudeau cover, not even mentioning his own problems in passing, the reporters who cover Parliament Hill full time have shown their bias. It’s hard to keep calling yourself objective when your actions prove that claim to be patently false.

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