Mental health: 9-8-8 set to become national crisis hotline | USA TODAY

An easy-to-remember three-digit number aims to transform the nation’s approach to crisis care by providing mental healthcare emergency service.

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Does Content Marketing Really Work?

Content marketing is about the long haul. Results aren’t going to happen overnight. Continue to produce high quality, relevant, consistent content that has a purpose and provides value and you will see the results you desire.

Becoming a New Parent During Covid

Just lately there have been many new mums on TV talking about the isolation that they have felt having babies during lockdown. Not only has there been the fear of catching the virus and protecting their babies before and after birth, especially during hospital visits, but also the loneliness of having to attend scans and birthing alone.

Racing Thoughts: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Have Racing Thoughts?

At this point in time, and perhaps this has been the case for quite some time, one could be in a position where their mind is often out of control. To use an analogy: it will be as though their thinking brain is a human being who drinks a lot of energy drinks.

What’s Pete Got to Do With Anything?

If there’s anybody that can be conned, it’s Yours Truly. It’s not so much that I’m stupid; I’m just naïve. I believe when somebody says something, they mean exactly what they say. So, if you can’t swindle me, you might as well hang it up and get a real job. I must confess I often know a certain person is trying to take advantage of me. But, that’s another story. One problem I see is that people are always blaming someone else for their problems. I must confess I do that on occasion, probably more so than I will acknowledge. To blame someone else for my problem gets me off the hook, or so I think.

Sex As a Competitive Sport & Entertainment

Men see women as a kind of trophy they have won. Men promote female orgasm as a means of justifying sex. Heterosexual men would not be happy with views of male penetration.