Microsoft news recap: new HQ in Canada opens, Xbox streaming device could launch soon, and more –

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New Microsoft patent may allow users to convert Xbox game discs to digital versions

A new patent from Microsoft has emerged that demonstrates a method of converting a physical Xbox game disc into a digital version, though no detail was provided on what would happen to the physical disc after it has been converted.

(Gamerant) Microsoft Patent Could Verify Physical Games for Xbox Digital Library

— Idle Sloth💙💛 (@IdleSloth84) May 10, 2022

Microsoft to help pay for employees to travel for abortions, gender-affirming health care

Employees’ expenses for travelling for abortions or gender-affirming health care could be covered by Microsoft, according to a new report. Whilst Microsoft already covers some expenses for this care in the US, the difference is that travel expenses are to be included into this arrangement.


Microsoft opens new headquarters in Canada

Toronto has become the home of Microsoft’s new Canada headquarters, as the HQ opened on May 3.

Microsoft India

Microsoft’s Xbox streaming device and TV app set to be released soon

After announcing last year that an Xbox streaming device and a TV app are in the works, new reports suggest that both the streaming device and TV app could release soon, though some patience will still be needed.

Xbox Everywhere includes devices like a TV puck for Xbox Cloud Gaming, apps for TVs, and even Microsoft’s original plan to let you play all Xbox games you own through the cloud

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) May 5, 2022

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