Our politicians’ priorities always end up going off the rails – Toronto Star

Sat., July 10, 20211 min. read

New mostly electric rail line will get you from Toronto to Montreal 25 per cent faster — at speeds of up to 200 kilometres per hour, July 6

Via Rail, a federal Crown corporation, is crowing over its proposal for a high-frequency rail initiative in the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal-Quebec corridor.

What a wonderful idea to use mid-20th century technology to reduce rail travel time in the region by 25 per cent. Why has no one even mentioned or considered a public-private partnership to build a high-speed bullet link between the centres which will reduce travel times by 50 per cent or more and significantly reduce the overall footprint from travel in the region by significantly reducing the demand for air service?

It would also be an economic success. China has built 40,000 kilometres of high-speed rail in less than 15 years. Yet here in Canada, politicians worry about changing the names of streets.

Theodore Spevick, Etobicoke