Pascal Siakam Says He & Nick Nurse Have Long Been on Good Terms Following ‘Disagreement’ – CalBearsMaven

The Toronto Raptors have long moved past the one time argument between Pascal Siakam and Nick Nurse last season

It’s funny, Pascal Siakam said, how one disagreement can get blown out of proportion in the NBA these days.

There’s no question that there was a heated argument between Siakam and Toronto Raptors coach Nick Nurse last March following the Raptors’ loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, extending their losing streak to eight games. Siakam wasn’t happy being benched in the fourth quarter and he “let Nurse know about it, loudly and aggressively with words beyond standard cursing. It got personal, lines were crossed and teammates had to intervene, according to multiple sources,” Sportsnet’s Michael Grange reported at the time.

But, as Siakam explained on The Bob McCowan Podcast, whatever issues did exist between the two has long been resolved.

“It’s frustrating losing and those are things that two people who care about winning, you know, you go out there and sometimes you get frustrated,” Siakam told McCowan. “I think it was nothing more than that, just being frustrated about not being able to accomplish what we feel like we’re capable of doing and it was just a disagreement, and we kind of moved past that a long time ago.

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“It was just funny to me to see people still talking about it. Like this is done. Let’s move on. It was one disagreement and we are good.”

As for Siakam’s recovery from shoulder surgery, the 27-year-old said things are going well. He wasn’t sure of an exact timeline for his return this season, but he’s progressing back to basketball activities.

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