Permanent daylight saving time could save more deer lives, study says | USA TODAY

Researchers from University of Washington found that thousands of deer could be saved in the U.S. each year by making daylight saving time permanent.

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A new study suggests that making daylight saving permanent would reduce the number of deer-vehicle collisions, potentially saving thousands of deer and dozens of human lives.

The study, published Wednesday in the peer-reviewed journal Current Biology estimated that up to 36,550 deer deaths, 33 human deaths and 2,054 human injuries could be prevented annually by halting the switch from daylight saving to standard time in the autumn. Permanent daylight saving time would allow for more light during peak traffic hours.

“We were surprised at the magnitude of the results,” said Laura Prugh, an associate wildlife science professor at University of Washington who helped author the study.

Researchers previously thought deer collision numbers might “balance out” more evenly with a later sunrise and an earlier sunset, Prugh told USA TODAY.

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