Police release bodycam footage of Casey White and Vicky White capture | USA TODAY

The video was provided to USA TODAY by the Evansville Police Department, who blurred the faces of the people involved.

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An escaped Alabama inmate and a former corrections officer who aided his getaway hid out for days before a tip from a car wash led to their capture, the sheriff said Tuesday. Former corrections officer Vicky White, 56, shot herself in the head and died, and inmate Casey White, 38, surrendered after authorities briefly chased the couple Monday afternoon, ending a multistate search that began when the pair fled from an Alabama jail last month.

Casey White signed an extradition waiver, and sheriff’s deputies from Alabama were arranging to pick him up in Indiana, Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding said Tuesday. Wedding said White wouldn’t be charged in Indiana, facing more serious charges in Alabama. Police said Vicky White and Casey White, who are not related, had a “jailhouse romance,” but there were few clues as to why Vicky helped the man facing a murder charge and serving a 75-year jail sentence on other violent offenses.

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