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Steubenville police

Cruel: An Orchard Street resident said someone is sending her texts from her late son’s cell number, Sunday. She said she’s not sure who would be doing it and was concerned. The woman was advised to block the number.

Stolen: A Euclid Avenue resident told police someone ransacked his car overnight, Sunday. Several items were missing, including a black bag with butterflies packed with clothing belonging to the owner’s girlfriend, two packs of cigarettes, $20 in cash and a small silver pocket knife with a mahogany grip. His girlfriend’s identification was also in the black bag, he said.

Too loud: Two women arguing in a parking lot in the 800 block of Rosswell were separated and sent on their way, Sunday. The two were related.

Dropped: A beer bottle was reportedly tossed from a fourth-floor balcony at JFK Apartments, Sunday. There were no witnesses, police said

Fired up: A caller reported a man burning mattresses and carpets at the marina, Sunday. When they arrived at the scene, officers observed a small fire at the back of the marina and spoke with a man who said he was burning carpet and a table, and told him he could not have an open burn in the city. Steubenville firefighters were called to extinguish the fire.

Unresponsive: Callers reported two people unresponsive in the 2100 block of Sunset Boulevard, Sunday. Police said both responded immediately when they initiated a sternum rub on the male and advised they were waiting on food. The female said they were in the process of moving and were exhausted, and said her male companion has medical issues that cause him to fall asleep or pass out. No contraband was found on them or in the car.

In custody: Christopher V. Delesio, 33, 215 Independence Road, Steubenville, charged with physical control and improper handling of a firearm, Saturday. Police allege Delesio was spotted slumped over in the driver seat of his car, parked in a gas station lot in downtown with the key in the ignition, a gun on his hip and its magazine near the gear shift. He told them he’d been drinking.

Too much: An unresponsive male was located in the grass in the 400 block of Dock Street, Friday. The man told officers he’d consumed several alcoholic beverages but they said he wasn’t making much sense and was unable to stand or walk on his own.

Kids: Callers reported juveniles on a green mini-bike were riding it on the road and throwing things at a house in the 400 block of Ohio Street, Friday. The children were advised they cannot ride the vehicle in the streets or on the sidewalk, police said, and an adult who was on the scene was warned if they’re seen doing either the bike could be towed.

Theft: Walmart employees said a couple scanned all the items in their cart, then left the store without paying for any of them, Friday. The stolen merchandise totaled $463, they said. Employees gave police video of the couple involved.

Big kick: A woman in the 600 block of Grandview said a male stepped inside her camper, pushed her and told her to get inside, Friday. She told police she kicked him and he took off running toward Pine Street. She said she didn’t know him or his intentions, and told police her alleged assailant was about 5-foot-10-inches and skinny.

Stopped: One person was cited and another arrested after the Chevy Cruze they were traveling in was pulled over Saturday morning on Market Street at Third Street. Cora Stiltner, 31, 148 South Seventh St., Steubenville, was charged with receiving stolen property and possession of drugs, while the driver, Spencer Philpot, no age or address listed, was cited for unlawful plates. Police said the two were pulled over after a random registration check on their license plate came back to a bronze Buick, not the Cruze. Police determined the Cruze had been reported stolen in Wooster. After she was in custody Stiltner, told police she had drugs hidden in a body cavity.

Booked: Shaun Roby, 36, no fixed address, falsification, possession of drug abuse instruments, possession of drug paraphernalia and fugitive from justice, Saturday. Police said Roby inadvertently triggered an alarm at a building on Fifth Street, and when they arrived on scene was gathering his belongings in a very frantic manner. Police reported he initially gave them an incorrect name and date of birth, advising them he would answer no questions until he had a lawyer present and complaining he was being illegally detailed for no reason. He was then informed by officers he would be detained until he could be positively identified, after which police learned about the warrants for his arrest.

Talking point: A North Eighth Street resident told police a neighbor hit him, Saturday. He said he was talking to the man when he struck him in the face and scratched the back of his neck, police said. They said his cheek was lightly bruised and swollen but he didn’t want to file charges.

Booked: Arthur L. Jones-Beasley, 27, 542 Cedar Ave., Steubenville, bench warrant, Friday; Jay Blair, 59, 414 North Fifth St., Steubenville, public intoxication, Friday; Shawn G. Gill, 52, 133 Water St., Steubenville, warrant for failure to appear, Friday.

Booked: Stacy A. Toth, 46, 607 Dennison Ave., Cadiz, petit theft, Saturday. Walmart employees allege Toth covered up barcodes of items at the self-checkout with lesser-priced barcodes, police reported. Total cost of the merchandise in question was $158, they said.

Served: Helen F. Williams-Davis, 49, 409 Lincoln Ave., Mingo Junction, and William L. King Sr., 38, 2612 Sunset Blvd., Apt. 1, Steubenville, each turned themselves in on active bench warrants, Friday.

Removed: A Maryland Avenue resident reported five traffic cones were stolen from a location on McDowell at Maryland Avenue (rear), Saturday.

Booked: Joseph A. Chesla, 44, 4516 St. Andrews Dr., Steubenville, two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of drug abuse instruments, Saturday.

Code issues: Notices of violation were sent to owners of properties at 507 Cedar Ave., 528 Cedar Ave., 1241 Ridge Ave., 1241 Wellesley Ave., 517 Maxwell Ave., 1305 Oregon Ave., 1248 Wellesley, 1237 Oak Grove, 1429 Oak Grove Ave., 1417 Oak Grove Ave., high grass.

Jefferson County sheriff

Vandalized: A caller reported juveniles vandalizing Empire Park in Knox township, Sunday. Deputies spoke with the juveniles, who admitted using a basketball and a football to break the light fixtures and the cage that protects the lights. They said they cleaned up the glass before the deputies arrived.

Harassment: A Bloomingdale woman said she and her mother are being harassed by her ex-boyfriend, Friday. She said she hasn’t seen or talked to the man in years, but he’s managed to bump into her mother twice in a month and has sent her vulgar messages, and also has been driving past the homes and places of work of her family members. She told deputies she fears for their safety.

Stolen: A 2003 Yamaha four-wheeler was stolen from a Bloomingdale resident’s campsite at Jefferson Sportsman’s Club, Saturday. The owner last saw the recreational vehicle Thursday morning and discovered it missing the following day, deputies said. The key was not in the four-wheeler so it had to be hot-wired, the owner said. Parts of the vehicle were discovered in the woods near the camp site.

Love’s call: A Richmond resident and his significant other argued when she took his 18-year-old son’s side in an argument, Sunday. Nothing physical occurred, deputies were told, but the argument started because the 18-year-old son insisted on going to his girlfriend’s house even though he tested positive for COVID.

Trashed: Bloomingdale residents said their neighbor is dumping trash on their property, Sunday. They said they had the property surveyed and put up a privacy fence to keep the other man from spying on them. The fence is two feet inside their property line, which the surveyor marked with metal pins. The couple said the neighbor dumped an old car part, a battery and what appeared to be part of an old toy car up against the outer perimeter of their fence, but when they surveyed the scene in person deputies said it appeared to still be on the other man’s property. The neighbor told them that over 10 years ago the other couple had buried the items there and said it belongs to them and denied putting it against the fence, despite photographs the couple had of it there. Deputies told him he can clean the trash up if he wants, but he can’t put it on other peoples’ property.

Charged: Dylan Charles Glasure, 26, 954 Township Road 370, Toronto, OVI and obstructing official business, Saturday. Glasure was taken into custody after a deputy allegedly spotted his pickup traveling at a high rate of speed on state Route 43. When he was pulled over, the deputy reported seeing him switch places with a passenger. Glasure was also cited for speeding.

Charged: Austin Rein Egnew, 26, 212 Parr Ave., Mingo Junction, domestic violence and outstanding warrants, Saturday. Egnew allegedly struck a woman in the face and prevented her from leaving her home.

Loud: A Bergholz woman said she was trying to gather her belongings to move out and her ex showed up “causing problems” and would not let her leave, Sept. 10. Deputies said before they made contact, they could hear the woman screaming at someone, and when they talked to her, she told them all she wanted to do was get her things so she could move in with a friend in Bergholz, but the ex wouldn’t leave her alone and just kept talking. He told deputies he’d been trying to convince her to stay. He said he wasn’t leaving her alone because he didn’t want his personal property to come up missing. Both were advised if anything is missing, they can always ask the court to intervene.

Slash: An Adena resident said someone flattened the tires on his vehicle, Sunday.

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