President Biden promises to rebuild Puerto Rico after hurricane Fiona | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden vowed to continue providing help to residents of Puerto Rico including helping rebuild all of what was lost after Hurricane Fiona.

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As more rain threatened hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico on Monday, President Joe Biden promised to rebuild the island back — stronger than it was before it was hit by two devastating hurricanes in just five years.

“You have had to bear so much,” Biden said, wearing an open-collar, blue oxford shirt in the steamy heat of Port of Ponce. “And you haven’t gotten the help in a timely way.”

Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro Pierluisi pressed Biden to expand federal assistance, saying all U.S. citizens deserve the same amount of help, wherever they live.

“We want to be treated in the same way as our fellow Americans in the states in times of need,” Pierluisi said.

Biden visited the U.S. territory two days before he travels to Florida to assess rescue and recovery efforts there from Hurricane Ian.

While Fiona was a Category 1 hurricane compared to Category 4 Ian, Puerto Rico had never fully recovered from Hurricane Maria, which destroyed the electrical system and killed roughly 3,000 people in 2017.

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