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Properties damaged by hail, tornado in southern Sask. –

One tornado was reported north of Glenbain and another south of Hodgeville, both of which are around one hour from Swift Current. 

eugene zakaluzny 66

Eugene Zakaluzny 66, owns a farm near Hodgeville, Sask. He says he looked out a window of his house on Monday evening and saw farm equipment flying. (Richard Agecoutay/CBC)

Environment Canada will be investigating two reports of tornadoes in southern Saskatchewan Monday evening.

These are the first tornadoes reported in the province since June 15. 

One tornado was reported north of Glenbain and another south of Hodgeville, which are about 75 kilometres and 65 kilometres southeast of Swift Current respectively. 

Photos and videos posted to social media on Monday night show significant damage. Environment Canada confirmed there was at least one tornado based on photos and video.

WATCH | Storms caused destruction in Saskatchewan Monday evening

SK Storm UGC

Many people are in clean-up mode after intense storms rolled through Saskatchewan

Much of Saskatchewan is cleaning up after storms rumbled through the province Monday night. Environment Canada has confirmed at least one tornado that touched down in the south. 1:01

Eugene Zakaluzny owns a farm near Hodgeville. On Monday evening, he looked out a window and saw farm equipment flying. 

“It happened so fast. I saw the fuel tanks going, I saw the half-ton going. By the time I looked out, the whole yard was cleaned,” Zakaluzny said.

“Probably in a few minutes after that, there was hardly any wind.”

Zakaluzny said grain bins were destroyed, combines and trucks were smashed, and everything in a shed was left in pieces.

“When the stuff all cleared, I knew it was a tornado because it had picked stuff up and carried it all over the yard,” he said.

zakaluzny farm sask storm aug 23

Eugene Zakaluzny’s farm near Hodgeville, Sask., was heavily damaged by a tornado on Monday evening. (Trenton Zakaluzny)

Leon Jacobs and his wife, who own a farm near the Zakaluzny’s, had a shop on their property destroyed. 

“I could see the first funnel come down, and I told my wife ‘we’ve got to get in the house!'” Jacobs said. 

Jacobs said they found pieces of the shop several kilometres away on Tuesday morning. He also said that a weather alert was sent to their phones, but it came five minutes after the destruction occurred. 

“You kind of take it in stride. Nobody was hurt, that’s the main thing,” he said. 

zakaluzny farm sask storm aug 23

Eugene Zakaluzny says everything happened within just 30 seconds. (Trenton Zakaluzny)

Golf-ball and ping-pong ball-sized hail

Environment Canada issued severe thunderstorm warnings Monday evening for much of the southern part of the province. There was a significant amount of hail in the Regina area, as well as areas near Kindersley. 

According to Environment Canada, there were reports of golf ball-sized hail in Moose Jaw and ping-pong ball-sized hail near Kindersley.

Was so great to get a backyard chase today. I can’t remember if I’ve ever seen a storm put down that much hail for that many KMS ever. Drove through almost 146km of hail covered hwy’s in west central #skstorm especially late August


Bill McDonald lives in the South Hill neighbourhood of Moose Jaw and said the sound of the hailstones hitting the roof was like rifle shots being fired. The roof of McDonald’s sunroom, which is made of supposedly hail resistant polycarbonate, was filled with small holes. 

“I was thinking, is it ever nice to have home insurance? Because to replace this, it’s going to be fairly expensive,” he said. 

McDonald said the storm hit his property at around 6:30 p.m. CST Monday night, and lasted for around 20 minutes. 

bill mcdonald sunroom sask storm aug 23

Bill McDonald describes the roof of his sunroom as looking like swiss cheese. (Bill McDonald)