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Psychic Claudia Valdes has some predictions for Hamilton in 2023 – Hamilton Spectator

Claudia Valdes does a reading with her cat, Minkie, by her side.

Claudia Valdes does a reading with her cat, Minkie, by her side.

Owner of psychic studio suggests residents “save money, squirrel away.”

By Beatriz BaleeiroSpectator Reporter

Sat., Jan. 14, 20233 min. read

Businesses closing, rough economy and no improvements in the housing situation this year.

That’s how 2023 is shaping up if you choose to believe a local psychic’s predictions below.

Good news is no alien invasion, end of the world or other far-fetched events for Hamilton this year.

Claudia Valdes, who says she is a medium, also owns Treasures for the Soul & The Small Medium at Large, both a psychic studio and metaphysical shop — where you can find items related to spirituality, and mysticism such as crystals and candles.

Shoppers are greeted by a friendly cat, Minkie, and the smell of burning incense. In the back of the store, Valdes welcomes clients looking for fortune telling into her studio. A deck of tarot cards is laid on the table, but no crystal ball.

Valdes stared at the floor in complete silence before making each prediction — as if she were waiting for someone to stop talking. After a while, the psychic nodded and said “OK.”

“Save money, squirrel away.”

The psychic said these predictions could affect Burlington, Oakville, Kitchener, Waterloo, Niagara Falls, London but “Toronto, not so much.”

A detail from Claudia Valdes' store.

“Now is not the time to splurge or make any big purchases,” Valdes said. “Make sure you are prepared for necessities and stuff you may need.”

When it comes to COVID, Valdes said she is “not feeling a panic about it.”

“I don’t think it’s going to be the same as in 2020,” Valdes said. “I don’t feel like we are going to be hit by another virus this year.”

She also said she does not “feel” the lack of housing “picking up. Not this year.”

Valdes paused and waited quietly again. Then predicted “pockets” of protests and new initiatives in school concerning mental health. “Maybe that’s wishful thinking on my end or if there is a team or a group that’s actually looking into that.”

When asked for more predictions regarding the city’s future, Valdes said she doesn’t “follow a lot of politics.”

“I don’t watch or listen to the news. I live under a rock,” Valdes said. “But I have been told to prepare. To keep alert and prepare. These are the messages I have been getting.”

Claudia Valdes inside her store Treasures for the Soul & The Small Medium at Large, both a psychic studio and metaphysical shop.

Where do these messages come from? “My ancestors, our ancestors and your ancestors.” Valdes said she can speak with the dead.

“I was seeing and feeling energy and things that bump in the night since I was a little girl,” said the 52-year-old, who has been working as a psychic since the 1990s.

Valdes studied Child and Youth Care at Mohawk College for and is also a certified life coach. Before becoming a full-time psychic, Valdes worked as a counsellor but ended up leaving the field to spend more time with her family and focus on her business.

What does a fortune telling business look like? “Unfortunately, my business tends to boom when things are unsettled. Then people call me.”

“New moon and full moon are busy times. Especially if Mercury is in retrograde,” Valdes said.

Back in 2020, local businesses struggling to keep their doors open during COVID, reached out to her for guidance.

Now, Valdes said the clientele is shifting, along with the reasons people are seeking her services. But she added, that change has been going on for a while.

“Eighty-per-cent of my clients are female,” she said. “More males are coming. Spirituality is no longer seen as craziness or witchcraft. Men are also getting more in touch with their sensitive side lately.”

Connecting with loved ones who have died, family conflicts and romantic relationships are the top three reasons people look for Valdes.

Though Valdes said some clients don’t always get their questions answered. “A spirit is not going to tell you what to do. They are going to tell you to pick what you want.”

Valdes said most people leave satisfied because the sessions offer “a lot of answers” and a “release and relief” experience.

A 30-minute session with the psychic goes for $75 and an hour long session is $135. Treasures For the Soul & The Small Medium at Large is located on 48 Parkdale Ave N. For more information go to