Reviewed 2021 Best of Year Awards | Reviewed and USA TODAY

Reviewed 2021 Best of Year Awards celebrate Editor’s picks for the most outstanding products in various categories this year.


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Little Things Have Great Wisdom

When everything is out of reach, just look around and go beyond your feeling like giving up, For, there is always a reason to seek wisdom than be a victim of your own insecurities. Life is a blessing, enjoy now while you are still breathing. Other people are fighting for their own, somewhere.

The Mirror-Mind Method of Enlightenment

How can you be who you really are if you don’t know who you really are? Detachment is the ultimate mindset for higher level being and performing.

Recognize Kids’ Performance Through CORs

Every performance of a kid in class should be recognized so as to establish a supportive learning environment. Kind words, pat on the back, are great ways toward appreciating effort, but giving them a piece of paper with positive narrative of them effort is something extra ordinary. Well, who does not want any of CORs during recognition day?

Teacher the Star of the Show – Are Learners the Adoring Fans?

When teacher is “away” from his/her wards, chances are, they tend to “disconnect” from the lesson and would do things unrelated to the lesson at hand. Yes, that’s why, parents or guardians must be a glance away from them. Not snooping but ensuring they’re focused and learning at the same time.

The Importance of Reading Books to Kids’ Personality Development

Reading maketh a full man, woman and child. Yes, when you read you become more sympathetic toward other people. When you knew a certain person is dealing with a dilemma, you would not do things which could give him/her more hurt or burden. Sympathy and empathy is key toward good relating, and can be had through reading.