‘Saturday Night Live’ takes aim at Adam Levine, Armie Hammer scandals | USA TODAY

“Saturday Night Live” returned with four new cast members following the departure of eight veteran actors after last season’s finale.

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What will “Saturday Night Live” be like without Kate McKinnon or Chris Redd? Peyton and Eli Manning aren’t too sure.

In the opening sketch of Season 48, the Manning brothers (played by host Miles Teller and Andrew Dismukes) confront the elephant in the room regarding the recent exits of eight “SNL” regulars.

“There were a lot of changes at the show that could be exciting. Let’s see what they spent the entire summer coming up with,” says Teller in his hilarious impression of Peyton.

The football duo do a live analysis of the season premiere – a parody of their “Monday Night Football” ESPN2 “ManningCast” – and groan about the predictable sketches, criticizing repetitive jokes about former President Donald Trump (“Way to mix it up,” Peyton quips) and “desperate” Gen Z references.

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