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‘The Return Of Tanya Tucker’ Director Kathlyn Horan & Tanya Tucker On “Being Vulnerable” On Film And The “Relaunch” Of Tucker’s Career – Toronto Studio – Deadline

Director Kathryn Horan was thrilled when she received a call from Brandi Carlile about documenting her collaboration with the legendary Tanya Tucker. “First original record in 20 years and it’s about the friendship and bond that Brandi and [Tanya] formed,” says Horan, “and the journey through what I won’t say is a comeback, but a relaunch.”

The Return of Tanya Tucker: Featuring Brandi Carlile documents Tanya Tucker’s return to the country music spotlight after 20 years with the help of country music star Brandi Carlile. Horan describes Tucker as a “trailblazer, hellraiser, legend who defied the rules for women in country music.”

Before she was approached for the collaboration, Tucker hadn’t heard of Brandi Carlile before. “I’m ashamed to say I did not know her music,” she admits. “I’d never heard her name but my kids knew who she was.”

Luckily for Tucker, her kids insisted that she work with Carlile, which led to an incredible collaboration and friendship between the two. “We just finished our second album together,” says Tucker. “We have our first duet, and Bernie Taupin wrote it… and it’s called ‘Breakfast in Birmingham’.”

In addition to their first duet, Tucker says this album marked a lot of firsts for her. “Never had I had anybody with me in the vocal booth when I was recording,” she says. “That was just unheard of, but it was like it was natural… After 51 years in this business, you’d think I’d be out of firsts, [but] there’s still a lot of firsts left for me.”

“I think what’s honestly cool about this film is that we get to see [Tanya] do these things that were uncomfortable for [her], pushing through [her] fears, being vulnerable,” says Horan. “A lot of people these days won’t allow that kind of stuff to be on camera.”

“That’s the one place it should be,” responds Tucker.

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