The TTC Is Cutting Service Because It’s Losing Workers Who Haven’t Been Fully Vaccinated – Narcity Canada

Transit time is going to go up for some Torontonians next month because the TTC is losing a bunch of workers who won’t get vaccinated.

The transit agency recently issued a press release advising travellers about some “small and temporary reductions” in service that it says are necessary in order to keep things going on its busiest routes.

In October, the TTC announced that its new mandatory vaccination policy would kick in on November 20 and that anyone not vaccinated by December 31 would be fired.

“In the new temporary schedules, which were posted in workplaces today, the TTC has taken into account employees who will be ineligible to work due to being unvaccinated or for not disclosing vaccination status,” the press release said.

TTC CEO Rick Leary said in the statement that he firmly stands behind the agency’s vaccination policy, even though it has resulted in fewer workers.

“Unfortunately, it does come with some small and temporary reductions in scheduled service compared to October,” Leary said. “However, we are moving quickly to hire operators and backfill job openings, and we will begin returning service to budgeted levels as soon as possible.”

The TTC said that its new schedule will protect service on its busiest routes — including Wilson, Jane, Eglinton, Finch and Lawrence East.

When it announced its mandatory vaccination policy in mid-October, the TTC said about 85% of its employees had shared their vaccination status, and that 89% of those who had were fully vaccinated.