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Torstar announces partnership with digital publisher Curiocity – Toronto Star

Torstar has taken an equity stake in Curiocity, a Calgary-based lifestyle and entertainment digital publisher that operates in Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, Toronto and Vancouver.

By Celina GallardoStaff Reporter

Tue., Aug. 10, 20212 min. read

Torstar Corp. announced Tuesday that it has agreed to invest in and partner with Curiocity, a Calgary-based lifestyle and entertainment digital publisher.

Torstar, which owns the Toronto Star, has taken an equity stake in the company. Under the terms of the partnership, Curiocity will continue to run its publishing platform independently, but Torstar says it will leverage its sales and marketing team to assist in identifying potential clients.

Curiocity is a digital publisher with a focus on social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook.

“Platforms like Instagram, TikTok and others are exploding in growth and advertising clients are following. We believe that Curiocity has a leadership position in that space,” said Geoff Wright, Torstar vice-president of content strategy and head of content partnerships. “They’ve built it out over the last several years and we’re confident that they’re the right partner.”

Wright did not disclose the financial terms of the partnership.

Curiocity’s founder and CEO Mark Montanini said he started the company under a different name in 2015, as way to bridge the gap between traditional publications and younger generations which spend most of their time on social media platforms.

In mid-2017, he rebranded the blog as Curiocity. The company now operates in Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, Toronto and Vancouver. Each of its city-specific Instagram accounts has between 100,000 and 300,000 followers, and its Canada-wide account has 475,000 followers.

Montanini said social media is key to Curiocity being able to reach a wide audience, especially younger generations.

“Whether it’s Gen Z or millennials, there are tons of new readers who want to find out what to do and what’s going on in and around their city,” Montanini said. “They look to social media for that information right now.”

According to a press release, Torstar was attracted to Curiosity by its success on Instagram. Curiosity also plans to launch TikTok content in September to better reach the gen-Z audience, and will start a YouTube channel in early 2022. It’s goal, over the next 18 months, is to grow from five markets to 12.

“We believe strongly that there’s a lot of runway for growth,” Wright said. “We think there are many more cities that they can launch in — and they’ve even dipped their toe into the U.S. So that also remains an opportunity for Curiocity.”