Towering waterspout twists on Turkey’s coastline | USA TODAY

A massive waterspout emerged off the southwestern coast of Turkey after a rainstorm passed through.

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“What Matters More Than Anything Else For All Who Seek to Enjoy Life to the Max? Time!”

Many people the world over, and you no doubt have encountered a few, believe in Fatalism, an absurd philosophy that whatever will happen in the future is already unavoidable. Since you surely know better, be reminded and take heed from the ultimate truth about time and quality of life: What we do with our time matters a great deal, far more than access to medical wonders and even more than a REAL wellness mindset and lifestyle.

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FOSS V FORD – Re-Aligning Canadian Automotive History

It may not surprise Canadians to hear that most of those we polled believed that Ford was the first automobile builder in Canada. Of course, Ford has the advantage of brand recognition and longevity. However, Ford was not Canadian and nor did he build the first gasoline automobile in Canada.

Deck Awnings

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