Ukrainian nurse who lost her legs, dances with husband at wedding | USA TODAY

A Ukrainian nurse who lost her legs and four fingers in the war, was held by her husband during their wedding dance.
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Nutritional Cooking

Despite common belief, it can be pretty simple to provide a healthy menu plan without a lot of extra shopping and spending. In fact, you can save quite a bit of money simply by being a little craftier and less wasteful.

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Have you seen a recipe calling for citrus zest and wondered, “What the heck is that?” It can sometimes be frustrating to find it in the store, and when you do the price tag can be a little shocking. Today, we are going to explain how easy it is to make your own citrus zest.

Kitchen Water Conservation – The Nutritious Way

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As a culture, we don’t really learn global etiquette. The way our society is still largely structured, we don’t see the need for universal politeness. However, it makes us dysfunctional and misfits in the new globalised and e-centric corporate world order. It becomes a downright handicap when going abroad, working abroad, or dealing with foreign colleagues/friends/superiors in India, which young managers of today and leaders of the future must increasingly do.

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