Watch Live: Nancy Pelosi, abortion-rights advocates speak Roe v. Wade

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi joins with House Democrats and abortion-rights advocates to speak about the leaked Supreme Court draft decision that would overturn the abortion access guaranteed in Roe v. Wade.

RELATED: Senate to vote on a bill that would codify Roe v. Wade

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Making Affirmations Work For You!: 5 Essentials

Although, nearly, everyone, claims, they want to become the best, they can possibly, be, few seem ready, willing, knowledgable – enough, or able to/ capable of, proactively, doing things, which will better – position, themselves, to make wiser decisions, and take better actions/ strategies, to overcome their personal weaknesses, and effectively, take advantage of their strengths! Some individuals have discovered, the ability of properly using affirmations, to be, a great, first – step, to make this meaningful journey, of self – discovery, and improvements! Unfortunately, many, either, are not aware of, or don’t take doing this, seriously, and thus, lose…

Naming Your Podcast

Naming your podcast is probably the most difficult part out the entire process of starting a podcast. If you get the name wrong, all of the other work you put into the podcast will be meaningless. Get the name right, it eases all of the following steps in growing your podcast.

The Missing Piece in Sales Training

Sales training is often limited to a classroom setting and the content is generic making it difficult for a salesperson to relate the course to their selling environment. This may be acceptable for getting information, but a salesperson will not develop sales competence. This often results in rejection of the content and old sales habits continue. The article outlines small changes that can be made to the content and by adding an additional element to a salesperson’s development will create sales competence.

Universal Provision

To gain this, you must know the pitfalls of failure by experiencing them, not staying in them, experiencing and fully understanding them. The door to permanent success and universally working provision comes through temporary failures.

Have You Invested Money With BigOption?

Are you the BigOption investor? Have you lost your money with BigOption. If yes, then it’s high time you take out all your money in it. Big Option is definitely one of the biggest scams across. The Big Option Scam is one that has left a lot of investors bankrupt. Make sure you are not one of them. And if you already have, then contact a good fund recovery group to help you out.