Watch: President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid take questions | USA TODAY

President Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid make remarks and take questions from reporters.
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Is The Disharmony ‘Out There’ A Reflection Of The Disharmony That Is Taking Place Internally?

When it comes to what is currently taking place in the world, it is clear that it is not a very harmonious time. Due to the measures that have been put in place, irrespective of if they are the right ones, the world has been totally disrupted.

Moving Forward From Redundancy

Some of us may remember the concept of a job for life, where you worked for a large blue-chip company or solid family business, leaving only due to personal choice or circumstance. Today this is a somewhat alien concept, with many people changing their jobs every three years or so through boredom or redundancy. A job for life is pretty much extinct, with redundancy being an increasingly commonplace occurrence. Let’s look at ways of moving forward from redundancy;

7 Goals/ Changes Needed Sooner, Rather Than Later!

If, you are like, many others, you are somewhat, uncomfortable, with the overall atmosphere, and present, tone of political discourse! While, it does little good, to harp – on, the past, unless/ until, we effectively learn, from the past, and become better, we will continue making these same mistakes/ errors, into the future! Will we learn, so our handling of future, challenges, and/ or, potential crises, better serve, and represent, the needs, goals, priorities, perceptions, etc, of the American public, the nation, and this planet, etc?

The Vision Gap In America!: 6 Examples

When Donald Trump, campaigned, and ran for President, in 2015 and 2016, he used a seemingly, effective, campaign slogan, Make America Great Again. Perhaps, we should have been concerned, because, not only, does this indicate, his belief, we needed to go back, to greater times (thus, assuming, we no longer, are great), but, it suggested, his vision, instead of looking to proceed, with a viable plan, and solution, to address, the evolving changes, and needs, now, in a relevant way, and, in the future, in a sustainable one, he sought the so – called, good – old – days)! More…

5 Factors Which Might Determine How/ Why People Vote For A Candidate

In every election, a variety of circumstances, reasons, rationale/ reasoning, personal considerations, prejudices, and, who, actually, takes the time and makes the effort, to vote, etc, often, determines the victor! As I am writing this article, today, America will have its final day, to cast its vote, and determine, the next President of the United States. Will the current occupant of the White House, Donald Trump, be reelected, or, will the former Vice President, Joe Biden, become the 46th President of this nation?