Zelenskyy on Dnipro strike: ‘We must do everything to stop’ Russia | USA TODAY #Shorts

“There is no doubt: Every person guilty of this war crime will be identified and brought to justice,” Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky said after a Russia airstrike killed at least 44 people in a Dnipro, Ukraine apartment building.

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The Kremlin denied responsibility for a missile strike on a central Ukraine apartment building that has killed at least 44 people, including five children. Russia claims Ukrainian air defense systems caused the damage.

National Police Chief Igor Klymenko said search and rescue operations have been completed at the site of the nine-story building that housed about 1,700 people in Dnipro. Sixteen children were among the 79 people injured – 28 of them hospitalized, 10 in serious condition, Klymenko said in a Facebook update.

Twenty people remain missing, including four children. Some people were trapped on upper floors, and some signaled for help with lights on their cellphones.

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